Corinne Sullivan

I came to film making from anthropology and research on interethnic relations. I loved the fieldwork in research but was looking for a creative means of expression that would enable me to give a more personal point of view. I thus enrolled in a documentary training program in a renowned French film school, La FEMIS. The first film I directed was about a non-profit organization working with incarcerated minors and mountain climbing.  I then started a film on women and marriage in Mali (west Africa). My last film, “Mutso, the Hinterland” has been screened in international film festivals and won several prizes.

Sharing my passion for filmmaking and storytelling is  one of my priorities.  I have been coordinator and instructor for many film workshops in France and the US for the pasteight years, working with universities, cinemas, high schools, prisoners, immigrant
women, disabled people.  Along with four other filmmakers, I created Cinesphere, a non-profit organization based in the suburbs of Paris.Cinesphere’s mission is to give larger access to film and media art. My workshop experiences are most important to me as they nurture my own work through exchanges with participants.

Curriculum Vitae

Mutso the Hinterland, an excerpt

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